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Re: LARP Weapons

Postby Manveruon » Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:33 pm

Ringulf wrote:That is true Eledwhen and I must say that I have used those weapons and feel that the trade off (if any) is more than acceptable and have encouraged my group to consider them. But our larp is much more of a place were folks who are not fighters can still go in and be something that they otherwise could not be. this is a bit irksome to some of us who can fight and shoot and all but as you say, it depends on the group. If I were not so driven by my passion to make Boffer weapons as safe and realistic as possible I would be right there with you.

A lot of folks need to have things more realistic to get them into the right frame of mind or in game as they say. I have always been the type who could battle dragons with broomsticks and garbage can lids and have more fun than people. I Suppose it is harder and harder to do as we move away from childhood. Being a chronic Peter Pan syndrom nerd manchild, I am in my element you can take it from there.

The guy who owns our larp says quite often:

"Do whatever you need to do to stay in game and in character, because if you don't we are just a bunch of sweaty nerds running around in the woods beating each other sensless with plumbing supplies."

Such a harsh reality, I don't know where he gets off...the nerve! :mrgreen:

Haha, that's pretty priceless actually.

And yeah, I can also certainly see the appeal of anyone being able to come in and play if they so choose. In fact, this is a good way to run a skill-based game, because those with actual training in swordplay, etc. will likely trump those without it 9 times out of 10, so it encourages the inexperienced to learn quickly.
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Re: LARP Weapons

Postby RangerKellen » Sat Apr 28, 2012 9:53 pm

I agree. However, there's still a question that remains:

Are there any (popular) LARP groups in OKC???
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Re: LARP Weapons

Postby mcapanelli » Sun Jun 03, 2012 1:46 pm

Eledhwen wrote:In part because those LARPs that do use them forbid head shots; most folk who LARP do not wish to wear helmets. Also, some folk have concerns about thrusting; the do have carbon fiber rods inside them, although with Calimacil they are capped with kevlar to prevent problems. Finally, a lot of LARPs have no program for 'authorizing' fighters..and of course the price of the popsicle is super cheap over these better weapons.

We are in process of creating a LARP here based around Calimacil weapons and the like...complete with authorization and marshals, but it is still in the experimental stage. We're doing this because there are no LARPs around here that allow these lovely and wonderful weapons.

Safety is the primary reason cited for disallowing them.


Where do you live and how can I get involved. I've always wanted to LARP but have been put off by the lack of actual HEMA skills used. I've been a at practice for 7 years now and don't think I can turn it off or use a padded baseball bat. Are you planning on incorporating martial training in your larping?
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Re: LARP Weapons

Postby Ringulf » Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:27 pm

Hey you are up on Long Island and 90% of the folks that attend my Larp come from there. ROA is in Sparta NJ and is not a long drive from the island. This is the web site address is right here feel free to jump on and ask some questions tell them you are a friend of Aribjorn (might help...then again might not! hee hee)
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Re: LARP Weapons

Postby Eledhwen » Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:47 pm

I live in Western Massachusetts. Since the LARP is only in its very early stages of development..we are currently working on a combat system that takes advantage of the more realistic look of the injection molded foam weapons..there isn't really much to do. On Sunday mornings we get together and tinker with various ideas. The magic system..assuming we go ahead and keep it...still has to go through testing.

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Re: LARP Weapons

Postby sgainbrachta » Mon Dec 17, 2012 7:35 pm

The main reason most LARPers don't like Calimical andEagleFlex has a LOT more to do with $$ than safety. The only frozen weapons I've ever dealt with were the super cheap ones from India. Heck- they aren't latex, they are urethane, which reacts to weather much worse than latex or silicone. Those cheap-ass P.O.S.'s rip and freeze so easily, I don't think anyone should use them in any way! Heck- most have a solid fiberglass core, with sharp edges- just like the kind used in landscaping.

That said- I'm not nearly as interested as I once was, and have dropped out of involvement due to the fact that the games have turned into nothing more than a battle. It seems rare to find a group where your real-world skills are rewarded. I know how to fight, but that's irrelevant. I knew ALL the proper incantations by heart for all (yes- all. Priest, mage and lore. About 100 or so, all told~) the spells. Nope, no bonus for effort. Only bonuses in the very last group I played with were granted to those bearing fatty deposits in the chestular region that were of the distaff persuasion... And that was a supposedly "good" and major organization. Complaints- even by about 60 people to the leaders of the national organization garnered nothing- not even the courtesy of a cut-and-paste email.

I'd LOVE to have a LARP based on LOTR- even if it did only a single event every couple of years. One where characters are based in the lore, equipment is required to look good and there is an actual plotline, goals and rewards based on achieving them. Those can then be turned into "buffs" for the folks doing the work. Of course, there needs to be a cast of "NPC" types to keep things going. I've always thought a clan disagreement in Rohan would be a blast- once you ended up throwing in some Uruk-hai!

This could possibly happen- as I mention in another thread, there is a 12th century motte and baily castle project going up on 65 acres in the Susanville area of California. The owner is a good friend, and I am likely to be a blacksmith there for a LOT of the season. Thing is, we can have a moot, range all of the countryside, set up and play out hunter-killer competitions between ranger groups, so archery, sword work, survival crafting and all of that there.

I'll be helping with clearing stuff there soon, I hope. Mostly depends on weather...


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