Did some Larping this weekend

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Did some Larping this weekend

Postby Ringulf » Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:05 pm

Well the Dwarf got some new armor! I made this armor over the last few weeks and it is to a birka patterned Lamelar. I wanted it to look like a lot of the leather ones I have seen with their rusty colored leather of varying tones, but with all that work, I would not have gotten credit for heavy armor! So I decided to go with a copper kettle finish to get the defensive value represented by a metal and still look somwhat as I intended.
The kicker here is that between the cuirass, the bracers and the greaves I have well over three hundred scales. (I have not yet finished the battle skirt that will come later as will the rest of the spaulder/rearbrace additions to the shoulder straps) but for this event I was quite happy to have gotten this far.
In a way I was trying to make a statement about how much coffee I drink and be green and repurpose at the same time. I found it humorous that each scale is made of 1/8th of a red folgers coffee can (hazelnut to be precise) I take off the cap, cut along the folds leaving what lookes like a daisy, then cut out the center to harvest 8 beautitful lameas. I then punch two holes on each side as well as top and bottom of the scales. they can then be laced with paracord or zip ties to put them all together. I used three rows of scales for the grieves and two for the bracers and the grieves were 18 across per row and the bracers 10. The chest peice started out as five rows and was shortened to four so I could bend at the waist. my skirt will eventually hang from my belt and will cover to below the knee separated front and back somewhat for movement. Burnishing the primed and painted scales with first an application of spannish copper rub and buff, for a dark dingy shaddow layer, I then highlighted them with a new product I found that is also a waxed based metalic powder like rub and buff, I got at Micheals called Deco Art Metalic Luster in "Kopper Kettle". The whole thing was covered in wheel guard clear cote to prevent chipping, which I had very little of thankfully, and when it occured I just "shined it up" with a bit of the copper kettle when not in battle.
My Son and I had a great time despite the cold I will put up a few more pics when I get them from him. Enjoy!


I went somewhat along these lines adjusting for the size of my scales I may add and subtract a few here and there for fit, but right now the canvas lining and borders are working well and I don't see them changing till I am ready to put the fancier leather borders and placards that will eventually come.

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