Getting a group together in northern Idaho!

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Getting a group together in northern Idaho!

Postby turnip » Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:44 pm

Turnip has been discussing the idea of a Ranger group with friends/ classmates at high school. So far, there are four of us who are serious in this undertaking, with several others expressing an interest. Even some of the parents have shown interest!

We've been communicating with Ranger Druin (who started the group in Chico, CA), and Liathwyn (who is part of a similar group in Missoula, MT) - and we'll be using their basic guidelines for the "Ranger Corp".

We have a 'general-info' meeting scheduled in January (after the holidays - hopefully when things settle a little...) at the local 'Books & Coffee' spot (would that be a coffee tavern?). Even the owner of the coffee/bookstore is excited about this project, and his son is interested in our 'ways'.

I've been talking to a few locals about talking to our new group about wilderness survival, tracking, bows and archery, etc. These knowledgeable persons are more than willing to share their skills with interested parties! Looks promising... Turnip and I are both very excited! Will keep y'all posted! Sindara
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Re: Getting a group together in northern Idaho!

Postby Ringulf » Mon Dec 02, 2013 3:28 am

Thank you for keeping us abreast of your plans!
Please let us know how this is comming along, perhaps we can start some other local or regional "chapters" and this might take off all over!
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