Rangers Card Game

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Rangers Card Game

Postby The_Rangers_Film » Wed Feb 10, 2016 1:03 am

Greetings brother Rangers!

Long has it been since I have ventured unto these forums. I hope my missive finds you well 'lo upon this winter eve. Some of you may remember when last I visited your realm heralding the film and our Kickstarter efforts. It was with your help that we were able to bring that to fruition.

I know come to you with another offering of Rangery goodness... http://kck.st/1JN7IId

Seriously, how is everyone in this community? My team is super excited about this game, and we are in post production on more Rangers video content that we will be making available soon. Working with Zan at Fell and Faire on some cool stuff too.

Skip AKA Flynt Tanner

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