Update from Nandaromar

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Update from Nandaromar

Postby Eledhwen » Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:42 pm

Well met, folk. :)

I've been working on my harping a lot of late, preparing for a year of spontaneous performances to come. This includes a fair bit of Middle Earth inspired stories and pieces of my own composing. I am looking forward to it, very much so.

I've not been so active with weapons aside from quarterstaff, sling, and long knife. I still draw and shoot my bows....and I can draw my heavier bows, yet I cannot hold very long with any of them so hunting went out the window after I managed to damage the nerves in the left arm again. I'm not getting any younger, none of us are, and that plays a part. More seriously, I have a lot, and I mean a *LOT* of mileage on this chassis. Several lifetimes worth. Rough pass, this lifetime.

Wouldn't change a thing.

The bigger news is my metal crossbow parts arrived, all save the prod and its string. I've been waiting months for these to get here; they are outstanding quality. They will, along with the maple boards I have, allow me to build a medieval crossbow of hunting strength...not an SCA or LARP crossbow. I fully plan on using it if my petition to use crossbows for hunting goes through. In the meantime, this means I become a crossbow ranger, rather than the usual longbow. That sounds worse than it is...I'm mostly a Harper these days and a crossbow is a bit easier to deal with really. I have a modern crossbow, just this one is going to be full on medieval. No, I am not a Dwarf...I am far too big and I refuse the 'bearded Dwarven women' routine.

So, upcoming is building the crossbow, the belt quiver for the quarrels, the quarrels themselves, a canvas case for the bow, and of course, designed to work with the harp and lyre cases in the kit.

We are currently looking for a house and if we are successful I shall reopen my shop...it was called 'Taranbar Forge'. The sign was a female salamander forging something on an anvil. If that works, I can work on learning to craft the crossbow parts for myself. Bows, crossbows, blades again, tuning pins, wire 'strings' for some of the harps...I have a wire pull plate for that purpose. Back to work again. IF we are successful.

Wish us luck.

Eledhwen the Harper
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Re: Update from Nandaromar

Postby Iodo » Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:19 pm

Crossbow, Cool! I look forward to seeing it finished

and I wish you luck :P
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