Can't log in

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Eric C
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Can't log in

Post by Eric C »

I was just checking out the wiki. Tried to check out something there and was told to log in. When I typed in my user name and password for this site, I was told that there is no user by that name. Do we have to be added to the wiki in order to use it? Or should I try again?
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Peter Remling
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Re: Can't log in

Post by Peter Remling »

Try again with your normal password. If you're using your admin password (yes they can be different) it may not recognize you.
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Re: Can't log in

Post by caedmon »

You have to be added manually. I haven't found a bridge to join the two databases yet. And when I had it slightly open the orks went nuts. Something like 550 fake pages in a day.

I'll create a user for you.
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Re: Can't log in

Post by Udwin »

Caedmon, could you do the same for me, too? It'd be nice to be able to contribute where I can. Thanks!
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Re: Can't log in

Post by Laothain »

Could you do the same for me as well it would be good to help out were I can.
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