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Summer 2021 available now!

Post by Udwin »

The members of the MERS are proud to announce the latest issue of Edge of the Wild is now available! We focused in this issue on military matters which should interest much of the MERF membership. This was a fun one to put together and features the contributions of six members--a new record??
What themes or topics would you like to see covered in future editions? Let us know!
Check it out by direct PDF download HERE, or browse this and past issues on the Newsletters section of our website. Please share freely among your circles, consider joining our subscription mailing list, and give us a like on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy reading!
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Re: Summer 2021 available now!

Post by Cimrandir »

I’m excited for this one! Nothing’s more fun than pokey things!
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Re: Summer 2021 available now!

Post by Harper »

Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Summer 2021 available now!

Post by Elleth »

Amazing work as always gentlemen!
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Re: Summer 2021 available now!

Post by Iodo »

Awesome :P
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