Waxing linen

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Re: Waxing linen

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I’d definitely recommend you continue to play around with hanging it from your quiver strap. Once you get it dialed in, it’s SO comfortable and functional. If you can’t find a “just-right” place to tie on the back end with your existing hardware, you might try tying it around the strap in various places until you find THE spot, and then simply punch a hole through the strap and reinforce it just like you would a fabric button/lacing hole, with thread and maybe an extra layer of leather.
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Re: Waxing linen

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Eofor wrote: Wed Feb 03, 2021 10:09 am
Sorrel wrote:I waxed a linen haversack with straight beewax, it didn't come off or rub even in the heat of summer. I melted it in a pot, brushed it on, then ironed it repeatedly while wiping away the excess - I'll post some pics later
I have to second this comment, even in the Australian heat we don't see any of our waxed linen degrading or liquefying. We use ours mostly for food wraps and bags where it would be immediately obvious in taste and texture if it did so.

Beeswax has a melting temperature around 62°C (144°F) so unless you're out in some pretty extreme sunlight you're unlikely to have an issue with backwood iphone case. Even then the worst you're likely to get is the same as if you polished a shop bought apple on your shirt.
You are saying right. I have faced this issue, I had a bag like this when I took it sunlight it melts and that was very worst.
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